Sédar Piller appointed head of SYZ Independent Asset Managers in Zurich

Monday, 04/30/2018

Swiss banking group SYZ announces the appointment of Sédar Piller as head of the Zurich office dedicated to independent asset managers. Since his recruitment in 2014, the Swiss-German branch has seen remarkable growth in its assets under management, which now total CHF 600 million. At the global level, deposited assets amount to nearly CHF 4 billion.

Monday, 04/30/2018 - 12:04
Sedar Piller Senior Relationship Manager

Over the past four years, SYZ Independent Asset Managers’s Zurich office has experienced strong growth. Its assets under management increased from CHF 137 million in April 2015 to more than CHF 600 million, as of the end of January 2018. In addition, the office has grown with the recruitment of two experienced advisers, Iwan Graf and Samuel Thébault, who join Sédar Piller.

Led by Jean-Marc Vallet, SYZ Group’s independent asset management unit has experienced remarkable growth in several other markets, particularly Europe and South America, thanks to its specific positioning and the quality of service it offers. Deposited assets increased from CHF 1.45 billion to almost CHF 4 billion between the end of 2014 and the end of 2017.

A to Z service for a very demanding professional client base

Confronted with profound change to the regime they operate within, independent asset managers are looking for a service that goes beyond custodian and trading activities. Based on this observation, SYZ Independent Asset Managers has developed a solution that includes the full range of services an independent asset manager needs, namely a solid custodian bank, an efficient administrative platform, high value-added investment advice and financial and wealth engineering services.

Following the appointment of Piller, Jean-Marc Vallet stated, “Sédar Piller has quickly adopted our philosophy of developing partnerships with independent asset managers. In particular, he has convinced a large client base in Central Europe and Africa, whose requirements are very specific, to partner with SYZ Independent Asset Managers and he brings real added value to our partners with his skills.”