SYZ completes its wealth planning team by hiring an expert in financial and retirement planning

Monday, 09/24/2018

Banque SYZ is rolling out its Wealth Planning offer by entrusting Mr. Pablo Astengo with its Financial Planning and Retirement Solutions business line for Swiss customers.

Monday, 09/24/2018 - 08:54
Pablo Astengo Senior Wealth Planner

The addition of this new expertise is at the center of the strategy deployed by Banque SYZ aiming to provide its Swiss customers witha comprehensive, multidisciplinary wealth management approach. The bank has entrusted Mr Pablo Astengo with leading its Financial Planning and Retirement Solutions team. Mr Astengo’s task will be to structure and develop the bank’s offer dedicated to wealth and retirement planning solutions.

As the cornerstone of all wealth advising, financial planning uses financial engineering tools to establish the current situation of assets, project future changes in wealth, and anticipate future cash flows and expenses. Ultimately, it means ensuring financial balance  in order to respond to concerns or constraints, as well astaking into account the impact on taxation of the directions taken.

SYZ is also adding retirement planning to its offer , which in this day and age, is an essential part of private personal wealth management, as well as a significant factor for companies to attract employees. SYZ benefits from strong expertise in pension fund wealth management.

”Thanks to our new offering structure, we are able to provide our customers from business-owners, liberal self-employed to employed managerswith customised plans under the Occupation Benefits Act (LPP) within a comprehensive wealth management approach”, explains Pablo Astengo.

”Any wise traveller knows that it is dangerous to venture out without a map to show you where you’re going. We want to help our customers achieve their objectives by creating a map of their wealth and by accompanying them on their entire route”, he adds.

”We are delighted to welcome Pablo Astengo, whose expertise and skills will enable us to serve the needs of our Swiss customers. Like the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company, his expertise will enable us to provide broader financial advising, optimise wealth, and generate value from it’, says Silvan Wyss, Head of Wealth Management.