Our e-Banking SYZ Direct is a web application, which our clients use on a daily basis. It allows them to keep an eye on their portfolio, performance and account balance at all times and download their portfolio statements, account statements and advices.

As we work constantly towards finding new solutions to simplify and enhance our clients' portfolio management, we are pleased to present a renewed SYZ Direct. Updated with a modern, attractive and user-friendly interface, the new version provides a clearer overview, while preserving rapid access to detailed information, such as positions and transactions.

    Updated with a modern, attractive and user-friendly interface


    Novelties from our most recent upgrade include:

    • New, clean and modern design
    • Graphical visualization of data and especially charts
    • Easy and intuitive navigation
    • Enriched reports
    • Responsive design

    SYZ Direct

    Building on the success of our e-Banking platform, the login and the features offered by SYZ Direct remain the same.

    Further improvements are going to be released, with new login and features unrolling at the beginning of 2018.