Expertise on demand

Our collaborative management environment, based on transparency, simplicity and consistency, meets the growing needs of clients who want to decide their own investment journey.

SYZ Advisory

If this approach appeals to you, we can provide you with our private banking experience, our market expertise and our ability to capture opportunities while integrating specific risk factors. These capabilities will enable you to take well-informed decisions.

Informed advice
in sync with your investment objectives

Our experts guide your independent choices in order to protect your capital and implement strategies in line with your risk profile.

Three different approaches to advising you

We adapt to your requirements to meet your expectations. You decide which type of advice you need.


You have access to our recommendation lists and research and receive regular contact with your client advisor.


You have direct access to one of our experts and to your client advisor. You also receive regular proposals suited to your requirements across all asset classes including : stocks, bonds, investment funds, structured products, optional strategies, etc.


You receive personalised advice and we provide you with direct access to our specialised alternative investments unit:  Hedge Funds  and  Private Equity.

Our aim is to anticipate and support our clients’ needs by offering them now the investment solutions of tomorrow.
Nicolas Syz
Nicolas Syz Head of Private Banking

An experienced team at your service

Our Advisory team consists of professionals who have, on average, over 14 years of experience. They have in-depth expertise in a wide range of asset classes.

Our experts listen to your needs and propose the best-suited investment ideas, focusing on long-term growth themes and short-term tactical opportunities. Their recommendations are complete and detailed and include " stop loss " and " stop buy " limits as well as hedging strategies.

In 2017, the Advisory of Banque SYZ has successfully launched a new bond product issued by the World Bank (IBRD) and linked to a basket of developed market stocks that meet SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) criteria.

Vicente De Ramon
Vicente De Ramon Senior Investment Advisor
Manuel Terrault
Manuel Terrault Senior Investment Advisor
Jonathan Kilbey
Jonathan Kilbey Senior Investment Advisor
Carole Millet
Carole Millet Senior Investment Advisor

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