The benefits of discretionary management

Discretionary management lets you dedicate yourself to your business while a team of specialists takes care of growing your portfolio. While you concentrate on your business, we constantly track the financial markets and react quickly to protect your capital and generate performance.

Making the right choices and reacting quickly—that's what makes all the difference

Our skills in institutional asset management enable us to apply the same principles for our private clients: dynamic asset allocation and a robust investment process that includes a risk budget suited to your profile. Our experience ensures that we understand your personal situation and enables us to assess your risk aversion. Key steps to structuring a portfolio that reflects your goals and to building a relationship of trust.

That's why your portfolio
is adjusted to match your investor profile as closely as possible.
We provide our clients with the best of both worlds. An institutional approach to management and the quality of service of a private bank.
Luc Filip Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management

Only active management can beat the indexes.

Our DNA is based on performance. We implement active management combined with exacting risk management to  meet the goals you set with us. A unique approach to beat benchmark indexes and protect your wealth.

Our remuneration is linked to the results we obtain. This means that we share the same time horizon as our clients, namely the long-term.
Nicolas Syz
Nicolas Syz Head of Private Banking

To reproducing our excellent results, we implement proven processes that increase our effectiveness and consistency to achieve this goal.

We also protect your wealth through active management of allocations to riskier assets and dynamic management in the event of a decline. The trust you put in us means that we can be attentive to your needs at all times.

Investment process for mandates
Discretionary management

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