Our priority: protect and transfer your wealth

Whatever your situation (marriage, divorce, acquisitions, retirement, succession, or the transfer of wealth or of a company), we work with you to help you when decisions may impact your wealth.

Our experts identify and anticipate your needs for streamlining and protection.

Solving a problem is good.
Avoiding it is better.

We provide solutions to protect and transfer your personal property and real estate, as well as your family business, taking into account any existing shareholder or dual-taxation agreements.

Wealth planning

The protection of capital also includes anticipating the needs of your family and wealth planning. Since every situation is unique, we offer solutions in line with your needs.

Wealth planning

The strenghts of our approach

Our multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional skills set us apart from local advisors thanks to our 360° approach.

Our experts have over 15 years of experience and have access to an extensive network of external specialists.

Because we are independent, we can freely choose the best partners and propose the best solutions. Our advice is protected from conflicts of interest because we do not own a fiduciary company.

Our independence guarantees
our impartiality

Our Wealth Planning team and our investment experts coordinate all of their actions to meet your overall wealth management needs, particularly if a portion of your assets is with other banks.

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