Wealth planning -
The importance of taking all aspects into consideration
Financial planning – The importance of considering every possibility
Pablo Astengo Senior Wealth Planner

Rather than handling your wealth questions in isolation, it is better to undertake an overall analysis in the form of financial planning, because everything is connected when it comes to your wealth.
Our global financial planning method goes beyond the usual financial analysis, enabling our clients to adjust their management strategy to their personal objectives and constraints.

"At SYZ, our expertise is in place to provide value to our clients.”
Pablo Astengo

The essentials of Financial Planning

• Implementation of measures to guarantee the liquidity required to maintain your lifestyle
• Effective use of your professional pension plan
• Retirement planning by taking into account your tax situation and your liquidity needs
• Optimal use of deductions provided by the tax authorities
• Management of your private wealth, taking into account the tax implications
• Management of your consolidated and integrated wealth

Pension Planning

Improve performance with pension planning

Pension savings often account for the largest part of the wealth of Swiss citizens and residents.

Given the many tax advantages they provide, and which are often neglected, pension savings should be a guarantee of peace of mind for retirement. We believe that everyone deserves to be informed about the benefits of a pension plan and its optimal use in wealth management. We seek to maximise your overall performance with an approach that includes your pension.


“We consider pension plans as a vector for improving performance net of taxes.”
Nicolas Syz Head of Private Banking

Whether you inherited your wealth or grew it over time, when the time comes, arranging a smooth transfer of wealth is not always as easy to do as you might imagine.

“To pass on what one has contemplated is better than merely to contemplate.”
St. Thomas D’Aquin

Wealth transfer can be a complex, and even hazardous process depending on your personal circumstances. Planning ahead can provided legal protection, continuity for your wealth over time as well as its distribution based on your wishes. It seeks to anticipate problems related to risks inherent to the family, the company and potential liquidity needs after your death. It allows you to decide who will receive what, how and when.

There are many planning tools from the simplest to the most sophisticated. It will be our pleasure to review your situation and accompany you in your reflections and choices to ensure the long term success of your project.


When you are searching for a better professional or legal environment, a relocation might be a tempting option. This is an excellent idea as long as you take into account the various (and numerous) aspects involved.

"It always seems impossible until it is done.”
Nelson Mandela

Every country has its own legal rules and cultural habits. Some jurisdictions have implemented initiatives to attract wealthy and high-potential people.

In Switzerland, for instance, each canton has its own rules, which can make it more or less attractive depending on what you are looking for. A change in domicile can impact your everyday life (language, medical care, schools, integration) and may involve more complex aspects such as obtaining a residency permit or the different matrimonial or succession regimes. They must be taken into account both on arrival and on departure in the new jurisdiction.

Depending on your interests, the complexity of your needs and those of your family, moving to the new location you have selected may appear to be extremely complicated or even impossible. We work with experts in different jurisdictions and together we can guide you step by step.


Our team is there to guide you or assist you in setting up your personal or family philanthropic projects. Be it a donation, dedicated philanthropic vehicle or a compartment within an umbrella foundation, we are experts in helping our clients to successfully include philanthropy in their overall wealth planning.

"Think of giving not only as a duty but as a privilege.”
John D. Rockefeller

Being a philanthropist no longer about simply writing a cheque. Today, many people prefer to adopt a more hands-on approach to giving and often turn to an advisor in philanthropy to better understand how to proceed. Philanthropy Planning will enable you to enjoy your charitable projects and spare you any frustration tied to the disagreeable feeling that money and time given are not achieving their designated purpose.


Being a family business ourselves, with two generations currently active, we know all about the demanding governance requirements of family businesses and the challenges of carrying out a successful transfer.

To ensure the long-term continuity of a family business over generations, it is important to establish the governance rules and prepare future generations for the challenges they may face. We can to provide you with our insight and be at your side during this process.

"All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.”
Jim Rohn

Each family’s reality is unique

It is therefore impossible to follow a governance model that works in every case. That is why our Wealth Planning Team is at your disposal to review with you and your family, if necessary, your needs and expectations in order to better understand your reality and provide you with the best possible advice.

It is proven that family governance can have a positive influence on business’ results, supports long-term family cohesion and prevents families from being caught in conflicts, freeing up precious time to focus on the financial challenges.

The Wealth Planning

SYZ Wealth Planning is a team of experts that listen to you. They have the experience required to handle your needs, your expectations and provide effective wealth planning that generates true value added as well as brings you the serenity of knowing you have made the right decision.

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Danute Rico Senior Wealth Planner
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Pablo Astengo Senior Wealth Planner

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