The best strategy for you and your clients

We provide our services via a partnership-based approach. This means that you can focus on what is most important: your clients' satisfaction and the growth of your business.

The quality of a strong custodian bank combined with recognised management expertise. What more could you ask for?

Thanks to our solid methodology and timely decision-making processes, we can meet all of your needs by developing a specific proposal that provides you with undeniable added-value at each step of the value chain.

Recognised for our skills, expertise and tailored solutions, we create our partnerships for the long-term.


Jean-Marc Vallet
Jean-Marc Vallet Head of SYZ Independent Managers
Veronique Riondel
Veronique Riondel Deputy Head of SYZ Independent Managers
Erika Paolillo
Erika Paolillo Senior Relationship Manager
Elena Manfredi
Elena Manfredi Senior Relationship Manager
Pilar Rey
Pilar Rey Senior Relationship Manager
Marilia Da Silva
Marilia Da Silva Senior Relationship Manager
Isabel Padin
Isabel Padin Senior Relationship Manager
Michael Kiefer
Michael Kiefer Senior Relationship Manager
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